Hege Bjerk creates honest and charming pop music, with lyrics on her Norwegian West Coast dialect, wrapped in a colorful blanket of creaky synthezisers and dreamy harmonies. 

She released her debut album 'Alt me drømme om' ('All we dream of') in September 2016, which got great reviews from both national and local radio stations. NRK P1 describes Hege Bjerk as an artist with strong lyrics and a lot on her heart, and compare her music to AURORA and Susanne Sundfør. 

After the release of her first album she experienced the biggest shock of her life - she became a mother. This new experience changed her in so many ways, and this inspired the writing of a new album. The album is produced by Ruben Dalen, Martin Bjerkreim, Espen Tappel and Ole Børud and will be released in March 2020. 

Hege Bjerk is attending the Norwegian ESC (MGP) February 2020 with her song «Pang».

HJEMMESIDE: www.hegebjerk.no

INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/hege.bjerk/


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